Jacqueline Omerta
It's my mission to normalize the spanking fetish
by providing education, counseling and real time experience
to adult men and women who identify as spanking fetishists.

I teach people how to control their spanking desires
rather than letting their desires control them.

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Jacqueline Omerta's eBook and
Audiobook Series on Adult Spanking

Each volume features educational dialogs, interviews and actual real spankings.

Psychology of Spanking Vol 1
Psychology of Spanking Vol 2
Psychology of Spanking Vol 3
Psychology of Spanking Vol 4
Psychology of Spanking Vol 5
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Jacqueline Omerta is an adult spanking fetishist. She is also a licensed Marriage Family Therapist specializing in human sexuality and the adult spanking fetish. As part of her psychological education, research and personal development, Jacqueline made a conscious decision to embrace her spanking inclinations. This journey resulted in gaining a deep understanding, acceptance and enjoyment of her own spanking fetish. She found this so healing, that she then decided to reach out to others who may be experiencing the same confusion that she once felt.

By personally interviewing and counseling thousands of adult spanking fetishists over her 30 year career, Jacqueline has accrued an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the psychology of adult spanking. She uses this information to help others overcome their feelings of shame, and positively embrace their spanking inclinations in a healthy, manageable way.

Each book contains an actual real-time over the knee spanking. The spanking scene is 100% real. The recipient is a genuine, adult spanking fetishist of legal age and has consented to this experience. While the scene is an uninterrupted exchange, both parties involved were given a safe word to use to halt the action if necessary.

Jacqueline Omerta is an experienced spanking player and takes every precaution to insure the safety of the individuals she plays with. Individuals who are interviewed and spanked are not her psychotherapy patients. Ms. Omerta never engages in any sexual or physical contact, spanking or non-spanking related, with any of her psychotherapy patients. Though these spankings have their own therapeutic value, they are in no way to be connected with, or mistaken for, actual psychotherapy.

Contact Jacqueline Omerta: MISJACQ@aol.com


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Jacqueline Omerta is a licensed therapist and expert in the field of the adult spanking fetish. She provides counseling
and education on the psychology of spanking. Contact: MISJACQ@aol.com